Domain Hosting in Reonex Media

We offer all services related to domain booking, hosting and e-mail traffic from a single source. Reonex Media has reliable servers of the latest generation, which are suitable for simple websites and complex and computationally intensive projects. Our hardware and software is managed by highly qualified personnel and continuously maintained. All standard features such as virus and spam protection, webmail and current database and PHP versions are self-evident.

In contrast to the large well-known vendors in the market, we value personal support in choosing the right domain and setting up your mail traffic. Please contact us for your needs tailored technical solutions as well as flexible, individual tariffs with a market-oriented, excellent price-performance ratio.
Below you will find an overview of our services.

Domain reservation

  • Quick booking your desired domain name with any extension (TLD)
  • Uncomplicated domain acquisitions of other providers / KK-applications
  • Individual counseling for problems or challenges
  • Personal support for installations and configuration of Website and e-mail traffic
  • Subdomains, redirects, DNS management, SSL encryption and certificates
  • Daily domain statistics (Webalizer)

Technical conditions

  • FreeBSD operating system with constant updates
  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP 4 or PHP 5 (recommended), as a module or CGI
  • MySQL 5 databases
  • Crown jobs, data compression

Hosting recommendations in detail

Static corporate website

Static websites are not the current state today. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of static corporate websites on the internet and if you as a regional provider have only a few pages with basic info, map and opening times required, this may be sufficient.

The technical requirements are correspondingly low and it comes with quite low rates. For a company website here but mostly recommends no free hosting as this is usually funded by advertising, etc..

Dynamic company website

With content management systems like Joomla, TYPO3, WordPress or self-programmed solutions, you can pretty well and quickly build a simple maintainable company website. Therefore, the requirements are also slightly higher. A database and a scripting language are required and also the other technical requirements are depending on the size of the page. Nevertheless usually sufficient for regional suppliers are from a shared hosting plan. You should look at the exact technical requirements of the used software.


A company blog also has some important conditions. So many blog software solutions rely on certain features of the server software. From SEO and other reasons the .htaccess file should be changeable.

The theme of memory limit depends on very strong used software. WordPress is quite hungry with its many plugins.

7 tips for choosing a branded domain

What is it, “brand name” domain? Here are 7 factors, indicating that your chosen domain is the brand. Remember them when choosing a domain name.

With the expansion of «.com». In most cases, domains with the extension «.com» are the best choice. This is due to the fact that «.com» is the standard norm. Studies show that most people associate the company’s website with the end of «.com». In the end, 75% of all websites have the extension «.com».

Should be memorable. Your domain name/brand should be such that the user can easily remember it. As said Ashley Fredleyn, CEO and co-founder of Econsultancy: «Brand – is the sum of public opinion about your company.” You can long-term impact on people if they do remember you.”

Must be current. Words can be implicit (implied) and connotation (optional) sense. Do a little research to make sure that the domain name transfers your desired message. There is a quick and easy way to check it out – go to the service «Amazon Mechanical Turk» and conduct research at least a hundred people. For this study, you will need to simply publish your domain name and ask users to guess the activities of the company domain. The responses received will provide you with valuable information on the implicit meaning and connotations of your domain, which you may not even guess.

It should be easy to write. Your domain name should be easy to write, avoid deliberate mangling of words, spelling and hyphenation. A striking example is the famous site for the storage and publication of bookmarks – «», who was forced to replace his old domain, as many users are confused in writing of his domain. And you may encounter a problem that users will forget what a domain is registered number – letters or numbers?

Should sound respectable. Your domain name should inspire respect and trust, so try to convey it to users through your domain, but do it gently, avoid big words, which may cause the share of sarcasm. If you remind people about who you are, then you are not a this.”

The shorter, the better. Brevity – the sister of talent, so your domain name should consist of one or two short words. Domains 100000 best sites on average consist of nine characters. It must be unique. One of the main tasks of marketing is to create a brand that will be advantageous to stand out among all the others. Begin this process by selecting a unique and original domain name.